Misfit Cast (Djamila & Jolijn) – Durf Te Dromen (Titelsong Misfit 3)
Movie Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4KTjmWmARQ&t=2s (in theaters Dec 16th) Music & Lyrics: Future Presidents & Djamila Production: Future Presidents Label: New Skool Records 2020
Lucilla & Fara Bellinga – Samen de Wereld aan
Dutch song for the movie ‘De Expeditie van Familie Vos’ Written and Produced by Future Presidents Label: New Skool Records 2020
BIBI – Zwemmen in Slijm
BIBI – Zwemmen in Slijm (Title song ‘De Grote Slijmfilm’) Written & Produced by Future Presidents Mastered by Will Borza, Borza Mastering LA NEW SKOOL RECORDS 2020 First day 100.000 YouTube views 1.7 million views to date / Goudenfilm (Gold Movie)
MISFIT 2 – (Dutch Movie) 5 Songs
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7oiNrzDBE0MISFIT 2 (Dutch Movie)(co)Written & Produced 5 new songs including 2 singles for NewBeTVReleased to theaters September 25th 2019 / Top 10 Boxoffice / Gold Movie (over 100.000 tickets sold)
Misfit (Movie Germany) Songs + Recordings
Written and produced two songs + additional recordings for German Movie Misfit
Elvy’s Wereld Soundtrack & FilmScore
ELVY’S WERELD SOUNDTRACK & FILMSCORE 5 songs & part filmscore written and produced by Future Presidents GOUDENFILM (GOLD MOVIE)
4LIFE – Hair in the Air (Promo TROLLS)
4LIFE – Hair in the Air (Promo NetFlix TROLLS) Vocal Production, Mix and Video Production by Future Presidents DreamworksTV / Netflix 2018
TOYOTA Commercial – ‘This is the Moment’
Song ‘This is the Moment’ by Kimberly (The Voice) Written and Produced by Future Presidents for The Missing Sync & Etcetera 201
Fource – Ik heb de Wereld (Pieter Konijn)
FOURCE – Ik heb de Wereld (Titelsong Pieter Konijn Film / Titlesong Peter Rabbit Movie) Written by Future Presidents & Nigel Sean Produced by Future Presidents Ego Company / AVROTROS / Universal Pictures 2018
Hartbeat – Movie Soundtrack
HARTBEAT – Movie Soundtrack 9 Songs co-written and produced by Future Presidents Cloud 9 Music / Warner Brothers / Nickelodeon / Kaapholland Films 2016 Gouden Film (Golden Movie). More than 100.000 movie tickets sold.  
Brugklas – TV Series (S1-S9)
BRUGKLAS – Dutch TV Series (Season 1 – 9) Most popular youth TV series on Dutch television. Winner of the ‘Gouden Stuiver’ (Golden Nickel) 2017 Winner ‘best TV Show Zapplive Awards’ 2017 Dutch TV Show with most followers on Instagram Most streamed NPO TV Show 2015/2016/2017 Also broadcasted in France, Denmark, Sweden and the UK…
DNA Onbekend – TV Series (2009-2020)
DNA Onbekend – Dutch TV Series (2009-2020) Leader + Underscores written and produced by Future Presidents Tuvalu Media / AVROTROS Popular Dutch TV Show hosted by Caroline Tensen and Dionne Stax with an average of 1,5 million people watching on TV.
DierenDorpje (children’s book and songs with Kim-Lian van der Meij and Gitte Spee) All songs from the first three books (DierenDorpje, DierenDorpje in Rep en Roer & Het Grote DierenDorpje Boek) co-written and produced by FP DierenDorpje concept by FP Label: New Skool Records Also a TV series for ‘KRO Kindertijd’ (2 seasons). Website: www.dierendorpje.nl
Sarah & Julia Ft. Nigel Sean – Hoofd in de Wolken
Sarah & Julia Ft. Nigel Sean – Hoofd in de Wolken From the motion picture SMURFS: The Lost Village (Benelux) Co-written and Produced by Future Presidents Nautic Records 2017
Just Like Me – Disney Soundtrack
Just Like Me – Disney Channel (2 Seasons) Leader + 9 songs (co)Written and Produced by Future Presidents Walt Disney Records 2016/2017
SWITCH – TV Series
SWITCH – Dutch TV Series 2018 Leader + Underscores written and produced by Future Presidents Tuvalu Media / AVROTROS

More Projects

  • MainStreet - Living Our Dream - Documentary (New Skool Records / All music, songs and movie production)
  • Man & Paard (Talpa / Leader)
  • De Wedstrijden (Talpa / Leader + Underscores)
  • Het ei van Columbus (TROS Zapp / Leader + Underscores)
  • 80s 90s Kwis (Talpa / Leader + Underscores)
  • Xperience (NCRV / Leader + Underscores)
  • Wiskunde (Teleac / Leader + Underscores)
  • De Grote Bijbelquiz (EO / Leader + Underscores)
  • Kung Fu Panda (Dreamworks / Titlesong Benelux)
  • Madagascar (Dreamworks / Titlesong Benelux)
  • Violetta (Disney Channel / Titlesong Benelux)
  • Soy Luna (Disney Channel / Titlesong Benelux)
  • Descendants (Disney Channel / Titlesong Benelux)
  • Madurodam Commercial (Themepark / TV Commercial)
  • Spangas in actie (NL FIlms/Dutch Filmworks / Titlesong + End Credits song)
  • Despicable Me 2 (Dreamworks / Titlesong Benelux)
  • Pieter Konijn / Peter Rabbit (Universal Pictures / Titlesong Benelux)
  • Junior (Eurovision) Songcontest (2008-2012 several songs / no 2 at Junior Eurovision 2011)
  • Kinderen voor Kinderen (VARA)
  • Tony 10 (Lemming Film / Titlesong)
  • Eurovision Songcontest (Dutch entry 2007)
  • Kicken (NPO Zapp / Leader + Underscores)
  • Spotlight (Nickelodeon / Leader + Songs/Soundtrack)